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Wanted: Priests on Campus
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Wanted: Priests on Campus

The student years- apparently a period of life that is simple but actually a time of potential as well as vulnerableness. A young person may be full of dreams, perhaps possessing also the drive to achieve, yet within him may exist questions whether these are what he really wants; he is confused. Perhaps some may be very sure of themselves only to encounter failure or disappointment or worse, betrayal, so they find their ideals shattered and their outlook made dim. There also may be some laden with problems in their young lives as if they are budding and dying at the same time; seemingly life is so unfair.

It is no wonder that at such a time a person is made to seek God. The cry may be silent but deep inside the longing is undeniable. Though they walk the halls laughing or they stand as if nothing is wrong, theirs are hearts seeking for answers, for meaning, for God.

Does God not care? Yes, He does. Is God playing tricks? No, He isn't. Why doesn't He come? Because He doesn't come by Himself. He wants to come through man, in man, and even as man. Men who let God fill and saturate them then flow out of them, they are those whom the Bible calls priests. A priest is not a professional of religion. A priest is someone in God's presence and bears this very presence to others. When there are men who need God, then God needs men who are priests, so that the men in need may have the God they need.

Will you walk in the same halls indifferent? Will you stand by their side aloof? Or will you be the very one they are waiting for? "But you are... a royal priesthood,... so that you may tell out the virtues of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light" (1 Peter 2:9).

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